Azul Noche


We could call it the yang of our Gran Perla granite. Together they form the perfect combination of light-dark. Black background material with blue sparkles that, despite being a granite based on grains, it could be used in applications on a par with the most exquisite marbles. It is widely used in polished or aged finish.

Low absorption

Low maintenance

Reaction to fire type A1

Good thermal inertia


Thick slabs



Cut to size



Surface treated from the sawn material. It consists of passing the slabs through a brushing process using diamond bristles with which a rough and smooth surface is achieved.



Completely smooth and shiny finish achieved by abrading the surface of the material and applying waxes. This is the most requested finish for countertops, because of its ease of cleaning and disinfection. By closing the pores, greater resistance to external agents is obtained.



Interior and exterior claddings, furniture, countertops, etc.

Granito azul noche
Granito azul noche
Granito azul noche
Granito azul noche
Granito azul noche

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