Commited to new technologies

On June 8, we inaugurated a new multi-wire gang saw machine in our facilities.

It is a machine composed of multiple diamond wires designed to transform natural stone blocks into slabs of different thicknesses. With it, we desire to improve productivity, efficiently exploit the energy resources needed for production and reduce, to a large extent, the waste produced while cutting.

This new investment serves to strengthen the bet of Granitos Cabaleiro SA for new technologies in a sector, which until today, is little modernized.

Market demand has been marking the pace of work and the path of our investments. Changes in customer preferences force us to be constantly renewed and our responsibility as a company is to adapt ourselves to these emerging needs. With this new machine (the second in a little less than two years) what we intend is to maintain our quality standards and offer a service that measures up to our consumers demands.

Suppliers of the best quality granite, from our quarries in Galicia and Portugal, to the rest of the world. Our impeccable, totally personalized customer service is our cover letter. Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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