Granite quarries in O Porriño since 1970

The beginning of our journey through the world of granite dates back to the seventies when our founder, Francisco Cabaleiro, created his first company, CABALEIRO NOGUEIRA SL. The company, which is located at the foot of the granite quarries of O Porriño, was initially exclusively dedicated to the extraction of granite from its own mining. During the first years he purchased several quarries located in southern Galicia and northern Portugal. From these quarries are still being extracted materials like the world-famous Rosa Porriño, Crema Julia (also known as Gris Mondariz) or the exclusive Gran Perla. Adapting to the market demands, it gradually incorporated machinery to its facilities for the transformation of blocks, specializing itself in the manufacture of thicknesses: perpend, columns, balustrades, curbs…

Years later, on November 22, 1999, Mr. Cabaleiro founded his second company, GRANITOS CABALEIRO SA, dedicated to cut, process and distribute granite slabs of various thicknesses and finishes like, for example: polished, flamed, honed, bush-hammered, satin or leather.

Although the company focused its market on the local and national level, thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit, it soon embarked on the great adventure of internationalization, exporting to several countries of the American and African continent.

Nowadays, thanks to our effort, the desire to improve and the trust and loyalty of our clients, we can say that we are present in practically every continent. The philosophy of our company has always pursued excellence in treatment and continuous improvement. To this end, we have been incorporating the last generation machinery to be able to serve our customers in greater quantity, in the shortest possible time. With this foresight approach, we hope to continue to serve our present and future clients in an incomparable way.

Experience, technology and quality

Our company is made up of qualified professionals with several years of experience, who have the sector’s most modern technological support in their daily work. This technical and professional structure allows us to guarantee at all times that our clients will obtain the best possible product: granite of the best quality.

Multi Wire

Multi-blade nad Multi-wire cutting machines

Perfect balance between modernity and tradition. In our production warehouses we have five fully functioning multi-blade saws that cut blocks in the traditional way. They give us the peace of mind of knowing that we have robust and durable machinery with a large production capacity. The counterpoint is given by the two multi-wire machines which have the most advanced technology to provide us with the precision and speed to optimize resources.

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A wide range of granites for every need

We have a wide range of granites to offer: the ones extracted directly from our own quarries, Spanish granites or imported granites from all over the world. We always adapt to the needs of our client trying to get any type of granite that is within our reach.

The materials showing on our website are just a sample of the granites we usually work with. Among the offer we present are granites of fine grain, coarse grain, movement and very different colors ranging from the most neutral blacks/whites to the most daring colors such as reds, blues or greens.

A team of professionals will be glad to advise you on the most suitable materials and finishes for each application.

Apart from slabs, you can also request a quote for tiles or cut-to-size for claddings, stairs, countertops, etc.