It comes from the same family as Omaha White. They share several characteristics, including their composition. We can distinguish it from the previous one because its main color is more yellow or gold instead of white.

Rosa Porriño

Granite extracted from our quarries located in O Porriño. Medium-sized dark-grained pinkish material with years of tradition on the facades, floors and countertops of thousands of homes both locally, nationally and from other parts of the world.

Crema Julia / Gris Mondariz

This material is known by both names depending on the destination market to which it is addressed. It is formed by a grayish background interspersed with cream-colored megacrystals. Grey or cream color predominates depending on the finish of the surface.

Gran Perla

Exclusive material of our company. Timeless granite thanks to its bitonality: black and white, colors that do not go out of style. It is a pearled granite with a large and uniform grain.