Artic White

Granite predominantly gray but with some white areas throughout the slab. Highly appreciated by our customers for its versatility.

Blanco Cristal

White national granite of fine and uniform grain. The perfect option for rooms that require brightness such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Gris Viana

Fine and uniform grain granite that has gray as the predominant color with touches of white and splashes in black. A good option if you are looking for a material with a light base.


Material of Galician origin, composed of large light-pink spots with small grains of a dark gray color. It has no variations in its hue and admits any type of surface finish.

Crema Terra

Its grain is similar to the one of Rosa Porriño but its base is creamy. Like all small grain granites, it maintains a uniform appearance without major changes in its composition.

Blanco Castelo

Also known as Pedras Salgadas or Blanco Iberico, it is a very popular material due to its technical features: resistance and good quality. The minerals present in its composition give it a bluish appearance. It is widely used in flamed finish for outdoor applications.

Blanco Atlántico

Although its predominant color is white, we can also find it in more creamy or yellow varieties. It is a compact uniform grain material. An excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens or floors.

Azul Platino

Material of bluish chromatic range that goes from light blue to the most intense blue only interrupted by small dark grey grain or by the small quartz that give it the bright touch of a precious stone. To apply in sophisticated environments or rooms that require a bit of character..

Azul noche

We could call it the “yang” of our Gran Perla granite. Together they form the perfect combination of light/dark. Black background material with blue flashes that, despite being a grain granite, could be used in the most exquisite applications. Very popular in polished or aged finishes.